Guylty Pleasure

Ever heard of Getty Images? You should have, if you are an Armitage blogger, because lately a lot of Armitage images have been officially been distributed by Getty Images, the world’s largest photo resource bank. Leslie Hassler’s intimate shoot in New York? Getty. The old favourite red-backdropped images from the press tour 2012 by Vera Anderson? Getty. Berlin red carpet in all its glory? Getty. The delicious first outing of the new Armitage mane (lately to have been cut back again *meh*) in conjunction with some chest-hairitage at the BAFTA LA tea party 2013? Getty. So we can all agree how important Getty is for the distribution of RA images alone.

Up until now, however, we have been operating in rather shady fields and murky waters. The use of licensed imagery on blogs is subject to permission and fee – which fan bloggers like you and I can not…

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