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So while the vast majority of the country makes fun of us Southern Hicks and our paltry 6 to 9 inches of snow,


our lack of snow plows and our running around the grocery stores, screaming like Chicken Little…


We’re dug out and YOU AIN”T!!!!! *blows raspberries.*

After sub-zerio freezing temperatures (not really) and Antarctic Conditions (erm… no. But it did stay BELOW freezing for about 36 hours) temps warmed significantly yesterday afternoon, making for more habitable conditions. Behold…

We started with this, remember??? 




You can call off the search and rescue dogs for our missing decorative rocks. As you can see, we found them.



See really… they’ve been found. A bit cold and frozen but otherwise alright. 

Of course now we have a Southerners TRUE Worry. It’s not snow, but ICE… 



Ice, ice baby. We haz it!

But we have a problem. See, up until 2 weeks ago, it’s been reasonably warm – for winter – down here (more of what we are used to.) and our spring plants are confused. I submit for your inspection…





That’s not Mickey Mouse. Those are Daffodils…which I love almost as much as roses and tulips… but I’m telling you those suckers have BUDS! I keep considering planting crocuses – they would be blooming in this but every year my mom says they won’t BE here next year and I intend to spread my wings and fly this miserable chicken coop when the economy gets better.


Which ain’t happening. 


However, my son loved it… remember that cute little Sass-Master I posted a few weeks back??? (Go look if you missed it. I don’t have THAT many posts to have to go hunt and peck.) He now looks like this…



Light of my Life. I was told I would never have children.so he was a total shock – not only to me, but to my doctor, as well. (Really! When the tests came back, he looked at me and said – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? I just to stare) 

Now, we shall take a moment to appreciate hormonal bliss and wild beauty




I’m not talking about HER… I’m talking about HIM!!! (I don’t want smarmy messages – but all you got was the back of her head.) Here… try this one…


Now, I’m going to put on the 15 bean Cajun Soup. I promised it yesterday and Spawn, the SassMaster was most put out when I forgot. While I do that, please enjoy these Valentine Day’s gifts. Two were made for me by Jollytr – who thinks this will help me write faster…. she might be right… the rest were picked up around tumblr and SHOULD be marked accordingly…(The only graphics ability I have are the wretched paint captions you saw above.)