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The Arkenstone's Weekly Wrap Up of Fan Fiction

This week we’re taking off in the way-back machine. I saw a few comments while I was perusing the planet, investigating the Internet, browsing the blogs. It seems there are some fans who haven’t read about John Porter, or John Portahtumblr_m6widn2nMM1qly4zao1_1280 to long-time fans. So I thought I start off by listing a few stories about our favorite British soldier. Some of them are a couple of years old, but they are really good. I wish the authors would write some more. So, if you haven’t read John Porter I hope you enjoy the stories I’ve picked for you. If you have read them, re-read them. They are that good!

First up, Guy Friday’s Blogger, Fedoralady wrote Truce, . It’s a wonderful multi-chapter story. And hot? OH BABY! It’s a definite NC-17. I loved it!


SahRAobsessed wrote Complex Maneuvers It will grab you from the first…

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